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Cleaning of pipe unblocking

Cleaning and Unblocking of pipes

For everyone knows that throwing balls of paper in the toilet or the sink to wash the dishes not remove excess food and let it seep down the drain, can cause problems in pipes. Restaurants that make improper use of fat or bits of food can also generate plugs in pipes or sinks. Servicios Domingo unit has to introduce a TV camera and see exactly where the jam.


The pipes slowly with its use remains accumulate and slowly may cause small jams, with pressure cleaning with special products, and after proper maintenance these problems go away for a long time.


Ponemos como ejemplo una tubería atascada, motivo del atasco: RAICES.

Lo mas normal del mundo…., Las raíces buscan la humedad, perforan la tubería y poco a poco la invaden….

roots in the pipeline

tubería llena de raíces