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Sanitation Concepts

What we can see and what not……

Contrary to what might happen with the lighting system or lights of a city, the sewage is a service that is often overlooked for the citizen and this is largely due to most of their facilities running under our feet.

Indeed, the bulk of the sanitation facilities are underground but still, there are some elements that are part of the sewerage and would know immediately identify the urban landscape of our city such as the scuppers or the typical circular manhole covers access to the network.


The sewage also has other elements in surface and have important functions such as those we describe below.

Pumping Stations:

These are facilities that house pumps that force water to force its way to the end of the sewerage.

We can distinguish two types:

  • E.B.A.P. (Pumping Storm Water)

E.B.A.R. (Pumping Wastewater)

Stations Wastewater Treatment (E.D.A.R.):

Facilities are designed to treat and improve the environmental quality of wastewater.