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Meet Benimarco Group, Meet Servicios Domingo

Servicios Domingo is a family company which is part of Grupo Benimarco, located in the district of Marina Alta, in Alicante.
We service the whole region of Alicante and south of Valencia.

Benimarco Group consists of electricians and plumbers which noting the lack of services in the area of ​​leak detection,

Grupo Benimarco - Cleaning Services Sunday

Grupo Benimarco – Cleaning Services Sunday

pits, breaks in the pipes underground jams, SERVICIOS DOMINGO decided to create, to fill this niche market.

Gradually Services Sunday has grown to become the leading company in the region, offering quick service and mobile television calidad.Unidad for inspection of pipes

We also offer advice on how to keep their premises in perfect condition for better durability of the services provided